There is a revival of heavy curtains on front doors. This is because door curtains reduce the airflow that travels into the home and consequently reduce heating costs.

Front Doors & Entryways

They’re a cost-effective way to regulate the temperature of your home. This will help to keep your home insulated, whilst also trapping the heat.

A heavy fabric curtain, thermal interlining or a thick interlining and lining are perfect for insulation. They will help to prevent cold air passing through a drafty entranceway. To maximize your curtain’s efficiency, make sure it covers the entire doorway and gathers just slightly at the floor.

Door curtains can be used for a variety of different door openings. These can include Sliding doors, terrace doors, any type of glass door, patio doors, balcony doors and French doors. It can also enhance architectural features such as high ceilings and decorative cornicing. If you have a decorative glass window or sidelight in your doorway. Choose a complementary tieback to hold the curtain to one side when not in use for a flexible solution.

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They are a simple and effective way to transform a room in your home. It also offers a stylish way to add pattern and colour into your scheme. The choice of fabrics is infinite. From Bold geometrics to large-scale florals to abstract prints to decorative weaves to satin plains… Make sure you consider the colour scheme, the style of the property and the door.


You have a few options depending on where you want to hang the curtain and how it will be used. Traditional curtain poles are commonly used across entrances and above French doors in areas with high traffic. Besides offering a permanent fix, they can withstand the frequent opening and closing of curtains and heavy fabrics.

If you want your curtain to cover the entire doorway, you should extend your pole a few inches either side of it. If you plan to hang a door curtain tied back to one side, consider pinning or hooking your fabric in place. A factor to consider here is the weight of the material and the degree of stress it may cause.

This doorway dressing serves a practical solution to your house as well as adding style to your interior scheme.

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