From ordinary to extraordinary walls. If you’ve been thinking of updating your home, then a textural and patterned feature wall or wall mural are a clever way to add personality and style to any space. It’s easy to incorporate wall murals into almost any design scheme and you can apply them to almost any flat surface. They come in many different colours and patterns. No matter the style, you can always find a place for them.

Extraordinary walls

“Charmingly retro oriental wallpaper A lord gets down from his palanquin to join a Manchu princess, under the gaze of a fisherman with his net…This enigmatic scene appears – between floral garlands – on Palais de Chine”. But nothing stops you from imaging a thousand other versions !” Casadeco

Happy Zig Zag by Missoni Home

Inspired by the fashion’s iconic knit of chevrons, the textural pattern of this wallpaper brings all the elevated style of the fashion house Missoni. This wallcovering will add personality and style to your contemporary and modern home.

Textured and patterned wall coverings

Textural surfaces add a warming dimensional effect to any space. It’s an extra layer that creates more interest and adds a sense of depth in any room by way of a tactile touch. Metallic shade wallcoverings add luminosity and style to the walls in the home. Tessera wallcovering features a small mosaic tile that creates a subtle layer of depth and texture.

Tessera Wallpaper 7550 Gold Medaillon

Tessera draws its inspiration from the small squares made of stone, ceramic, terracotta or glass that are used to make mosaic floors or decorative jewellery. This pattern has a highly luxurious fells thanks to the shinny look in the metallic shades of silver, gold, bronze and rose.” Arte International

Pluma wallcovering

Pluma Wallpaper in Blush

“Perched on delicate branches, an uplifting spectacle of graceful birds transport you to a tropical aviary of colour and texture. Printed on both matt and pearlescent grounds, in a rich palette of deep tones, decadence and desirability are in abundance.” Romo

Chiraco Wallpaper in Serandite

“Portraying a delicate embroidery, Chiraco Wallcovering is reminiscent of a tropical hothouse, depicting an explosion of intricate, feathery flora and exotic palms that create a colourful display of design.” Romo

Aula Wallpaper in Hummingbird

“Nostalgic willow branches create a dramatic panorama as they cascade over this contemporary, ongoing wallcovering. Fine tonal detailing and a delicate trellis pattern add softness and a sense of realism to this elegant full-height print.” Aula wallcovering Hummingbird, Romo

Interiors of Chiswick has an exciting range of designer wallpaper from top interior brands. Whether you are looking for an abstract design, a pattern or large-scale mural, we offer a vast selection to choose from in an array of colours and finishes. I hope you enjoyed reading and found it inspiring in some way.

Style inspiration…

(Images sourced from Arte International, Casadeco, Missoni Home, Romo)