Contemporary Look

ENIGMA is a sponge able wallpaper with a graphic, beaded textural design in a neutral colour. Textured wallpaper adds an extra layer that creates more interest and adds a sense of depth in any space by way of a tactile touch. Transparent beads let the base colour shine through and give wallpaper a tone-in-tone effect. The effect works with both light and dark colours.

Ecclectic Look

TAISHO is a lavish wallcovering featuring huge overlapping lotus leaves intricately crafted using artisan gilding techniques to create the artwork for this stunning wallpaper. Gravure printed to retain the detail of the original artwork, the foil substrate has been printed with a mixture of opaque inks to create variations of matt and shine whilst the lustre adds to the Deco feel of the wallpaper. The sheer scale of this design will create drama in any interior. Ideal for feature and statement walls.

Also, available in fabric.

Images sourced from Google.